Music artist TOMMY RIDDLE
supports our troops with his
new soon to be releasedCD
"Three Screaming Eagles"

Thank you, Tommy Riddle, for making this CD to
honor our troops and supporting 
              THE SILVER STAR FAMILIES OF AMERICA                     

CD Narrated by
Traditional Country Music Hall of Famer
Tommy Riddle
                              Credits and Contributing Writers:                            
Steve Newton  
Lisa Zdankiewicz
Jamie Badour
Pearlie Walker
Roland R. Ruiz
Debra L Looney
Lynn Price
In 1944, when he was just seventeen, Tommy joined the United States Navy to serve as many did during World War II. After his discharge in 1946, Tommy continued to support the men and women of our Armed Forces.

While Tommy served in WW2, his father, John Riddle, bought him his first guitar. Now many songs later, Tommy is still supporting our troops and has created a CD.

Included on the CD, is the Patriotic Military Prayer written by SSFOA Founder Steven Newton, and narrated by Tommy Riddle.

To order a CD for $$9.99 and s/h $1.50, book personal appearances, or Radio stations wanting a copy, contact Tommy at:

Sounds of Music Record Co.
4817 Wycliff Rd.
Portsmouth Va 23703

Phone 757-484-8452
e-mail address:

Please visit Tommy's Web site

inducted into the
Traditional Country Music Hall of Fame
August 28, 2006.


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