Suggestions on how to honor our wounded and ill on Silver Star Banner Day   Q & A

Do we HAVE to hold our ceremony on the actual day of May 1st?

No.  Many cities, towns and groups hold their ceremonies on the weekend before or after the actual day of May 1st or in conjunction with preset meeting times.  (However May 1st of 2009 will be on a Friday)

We want to do SOMETHING but we have no idea of where to begin.  Can you help?

Most ceremonies revolve around presentations of the coveted Silver Star Banner and Certificate package to the wounded and ill from all wars.  Many American Legions, VFW’s and the DAV can assist you.  The SSFOA provide the Banner packages to our wounded and ill for no charge. Request at:
Please allow a minimum of 4 weeks for any service flags or service banner orders.

Banner presentation ceremonies can be anything you wish.  We suggest that you read each individual Certificate when presented to the recipient.  We also suggest that the following pledge be read:


We pledge on our honor
To remember and assist the wounded and ill of our Armed Forces from ALL wars to the best of our ability.

We pledge that we will never forget
That we will always remember
The sacrifices you have made.

The blood sweat and tears that you shed
Will remain on our minds and in our hearts
And we will forever be grateful

We pledge that we will remind others
So that all remember
That you gave up so much
So that this Nation would not perish from the face of the earth.

God bless the United States of America

Ideas for recognizing SSBD

1. ideally is to present Silver Star Banners at a reception or even a town/city/council meeting if not an actual event.
2. plan social get-together:  breakfast, luncheon, dinner.....maybe a local organization such as VFW, American Legion, etc can help sponsor this. this could take place at an organization's post or at the local VA.
3. place an article in the local that would show up the day or two prior to May 1st so the community is made aware of the date.
4. the cities could ask local establishments to join together (sponsorship) to place a full page in the paper expressing gratitude and recognize the wounded/ill veterans. This would in turn advertise the establishments that sponsored the page so it helps their businesses also.
5. set up a table at the local VA giving out information to those coming is a service not only for the SSFOA but the VA if they want to add their info.
6. if their city or town uses boards that are often on wheels and moveable/trailer type (can't think of their name)....put up a thank you on them
7. put up a banner somewhere visible in a way of a thank you--store fronts would be a good start
8. arrange for discounts for local establishments like dunkin donuts, McDs, BK, etc...local places...just little tokens of thanks
9. give the VA or town Vet Reps letters of appreciation to give out as we cannot ask for all the addresses
10. plant a tree or two maybe on the VA grounds or Veteran park or organization location in their honor
11. Contact radio stations to make public announcements about the day and why they should be acknowledged and honored.
12. Release with cities permission Silver Star Balloons into the air at a certain time.
13. Possibly do something on YouTube talking about SSBD
14. Go into classrooms and explain what it is about and bring refreshments
15. Contact and see about them doing something in each city.

Our city wants to fly the Silver Star Flag.  Where can we buy one?


Go here:

While Silver Star Banners are free to our wounded and ill, Flags must be sponsored or purchased because of the cost.

2 x 3 and 3 x 5 sizes are available.


We have no wounded and ill in our community but still want to participate.  What can we do?


Many communities will hold dinners for their veterans a “Thank You” so to speak.  And there are many other things you can do.  Encourage people to visit a VA medical facility:  Visit a State Veterans Home:  Write a card or letter to those that are hospitalized.

There is no limit except your imagination on what you can do.  Remember the PURPOSE of Silver Star Banner Day is to remember; Remember those who have sacrificed not only in blood, but those who have lingering effects, such as PTS, Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome.  If nothing else you can have a “moment of silence” at 5:00 pm to remember our wounded and ill.


We have other organizations that wish to help us.  Can they participate?


Absolutely.  We encourage all organizations to participate.  The only restriction we place on the use of our name is if someone is using it for commercial reasons, such as to make money.

The wounded and ill should not be used for commercial exploitation. 

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