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   * SSFOA is dedicated to supporting and assisting the wounded and ill and their families of ALL Branches of Service and ALL Wars.

  * Our goal is to recognize the blood sacrifice of wounded service
members and injuries or illness that originated in a war zone, including, Purple Heart recipients, victims of friendly fire, those who suffer from PTSD, Agent Orange effects and Gulf War syndrome.

* We are also advocates for the Wounded and assist in educating the public concerning their plight. SSFOA is a member of America Supports You and is working together with other ASY organizations to support our wounded service members in the way they deserve. SSFOA is a VA Volunteer Service Advisory Board member. 

* Membership is FREE and includes Newsletter, and access to the Yahoo Boards. Membership is open to all.

In an effort to bring total transparency to the SSFOA and to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of our Alumni and Donors, The Board of Directors has established the Alumni Donor Advisory Board.
Information will be added as it becomes available. 

           In an effort to be totally transparent and to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of our Alumni and Donors, the Silver Star Families of America have created this Advisory Board.

         As Alumni and Donors you are stakeholders in this organization.  As Alumni you have served your country and given of yourself.  As Donors you have made possible our service to our wounded and ill.  By bringing everyone together we hope to improve our services and our organization.

         The Alumni/Donor Advisory Board will consist of 5 voting members and one non voting member who will be a liaison between the Board of Directors and the Advisory Board.

         The liaison will be responsible for keeping the advisory board up to date on the inner workings of the SSFOA and will also be responsible for keeping the Board of Directors up to date on the advice of the Advisory Board.

         The members of the Advisory Board will be appointed by the Founders and President of the Silver Star Families of America.  Optimal membership should be three Alumni and two Donors.

         The Advisory Board will be tasked with the following:

1.     To make themselves knowledgeable about the programs of the SSFOA and offer advice as to how the programs can be improved.

2.     Advise the BoD of ways to improve our financial accountability and transparency to the public.

3.     Offer their special insights to the Bod as Alumni and Donors as to where they would like to see the organization go in the future.

4.     Act as advocates for the SSFOA **

** Due to this being newly created positions, the above is just a basic outline and will be fluid and added upon, as the position(s) are filled and feedback and input are considered by the Founders and the President of the SSFOA, to best fit the needs of the organization.

Disclamer: All AB members are on a probationary period. At anytime during or after this time, a member can be removed by the President or Founders.


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