The SSFOA was founded in 200 with one mission:  To remember, honor and assist the wounded, ill, injured and dying of our Armed Forces from all wars.

Membership in 2004     8
Membership in 2008     Approx. 6000

Over two thousand Silver Star Banners and Certificates have been provided free of charge to our wounded and ill valued at approx, $40,000.

The SSFOA has become a Veterans Administration Volunteer Services Advisory Board Member and we have donated hundreds of care packages and cards and letters to our wounded, ill and homeless valued at approx.  $30,000 dollars of donated material being given to Veterans Facilities in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Volunteers with the SSFOA have donated more than two million dollars to the V.A. in time and material

The SSFOA is a certifying organization with the Presidential Volunteer awards program and have issued 21 awards.

The SSFOA has become one of the leading advocates for those wounded with Post Traumatic Stress with testimony given before Congress.

Testifying organization with the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.

The SSFOA is a member of Guide star and 97.6% of every dollar donated goes to program services.

The SSFOA is the sponsor of Silver Star Banner Day on May 1st of every year.  In 2011, 50 states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands and almost 3000 cities and counties signed proclamations for our wounded.

The United States House and Senate have both approved Silver Star Service Banner Day and recognized our Banner.

We have started a wide variety of programs geared to our wounded and ill:


Silver Star Families assists our wounded and families thru programs geared to help the healing process. It is our wish to help you find avenues to meet your need. We also extend an invitation to join our online community.  JOIN SSFOA  Visit to see programs details.

SSFOA wishes to honor all service members injured in the combat zone and/or those with related illnesses including PTSD, Gulf War Syndrome, Agent Orange, and injured by friendly fire. We also honor Purple Heart recipients. To Request a Banner go to HOME page and to REQUEST BANNER

HONORING MILITARY MEDICS with certificates of appreciation

is our Instant Messaging hotline manned by the SSFOA  H4Y support team.. The program is a safe and supportive tool to benefit those who are struggling after a deployment.

Silver Star Families joins with Soldiers' Angels in their Lend a Hand Program. "Poly Trauma patients enjoy the games, and increase their hand eye coordination," said Steve Newton, Co-founder of The Silver Star Families of America. An article on The Washington Post site quotes the folks at Walter Reed hospital in DC, who report that videogames make excellent therapy sessions for soldiers wounded in the Iraq conflict. In addition to the obvious medical benefits of refining motor control via controllers, the entertainment allows soldiers to reconnect to experiences they may have had prior to their combat experiences. Therapists see the games benefiting patients with nearly any kind of injury, including patients with traumatic brain injuries. Click on GAMES FOR WOUNDED on HOME page to request games for wounded during their hospital stay.

National SSFOA has launched a new program "Honoring Hungry Heroes."  McDonald's and Taco Bell gift cards treat our Wounded Heroes to a meal or two at these restaurants and possibly their family too. Wounded or family member may request Food Cards during  your hospital stay by clicking on HONORING HUNGRY HEROES. Use the same link if you wish to donate to this worthy cause.

SSFOA members join together in supporting our wounded overseas, statewide and in Veterans hospitals and homes with letters and cards. The team plans to reach a goal of 10,000 letters during the National Salute to Hospitalized Veterans. Please fill out the form at
JOIN SSFOA  to become a Silver Star volunteer and indicate that you wish to join the Writing Team.

GIVE AN HOUR SSFOA teamed up with Give an Hour  an organization dedicated to developing and maintaining a national network of volunteers capable of responding to both acute and chronic conditions that arise within our society.  Their first target is the Soldiers and their families who are being affected by the current conflicts. Click on GIVE AN HOUR for details.

WHAT IS PTSD Symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be terrifying. They may disrupt your life and make it hard to continue with your daily activities. It may be hard just to get through the day. PTSD symptoms usually start soon after the traumatic event, but they may not happen until months or years later. They also may come and go over many years. If the symptoms last longer than 4 weeks, cause you great distress, or interfere with your work or home life, you probably have PTSD. More details on

FIND HELP IN YOUR AREA I am an American Veteran. Who do I contact for help with PTSD?  See  Area Map   Contact your local VA Hospital or Veterans Center located in your telephone book, or call the VA Health Benefits Service Center toll free at 1-877-222-VETS. In addition to its medical centers, VA also has many CBOCs (Community Based Outpatient Clinics) around each state so you can look for one in your community. You can also use any of the information on treatment for the general public. 

PTSD RESOURCES  for list of resources go to

PTSD NEWS   DoD Receives Mental Health Task Force Results. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates received the Department of Defense Task Force on Mental Health results and forwarded them to the Congress on June 14.The department will have six months to develop and implement a corrective action plan.

Dedicated to John A. Courant the "Destroyerman"
The Silver Star Families of America and the Thank You Foundation wish to say THANK YOU to our many Patriots who have been wounded while actively serving the United States of America by presenting them with a Certificate. Click on REMEMBRANCE OF SERVICE   found in the links on

To see a list of YMCAs supporting our wounded service members click on YMCA AND OUR WOUNDED If you do not see your Y on the list CONTACT US

HOMELESS VETERANS: To see a list of of stand downs planned for 2008 and other homeleses Vets resources.
INCARCERATED VETERANS   The Silver Stars will never forget any wounded Veteran be they homeless or incarcerated.  We are there.
WOMEN VETERANS   See a list of resources to benefit women veterans.
VA COMPLAINTS   Process for complaints and VA Hotline

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On January 23, members of The Silver Star Families of America, Georgeine Marbeter, Stephanie Orman and Janie Orman, in behalf of the organization, presented General Petraeus their first Annual Commendation Award for his outstanding care of our military, our wounded, and by his actions preventing casualties, both USA and Iraqi civilian. 

General Petraeus was detained throughout the day by President Obama,  and the meeting took place at 10 PM. Prior to the meeting, SSFOA team was escorted thru the General's offices and had the privilege of talking with Mrs. Holly Petraeus for quite some time. SSFOA State and Rep Director, Georgeine Marbeiter presented Mrs. Petraeus with the SSFOA Cookbook and a Silver Star necklace.

When the General arrived, he presented each of us with his coin and we in turn presented him with the awesome SSFOA coin, and then the Plaque and Certificate and the Silver Star Flag.

We also had a Prayer Blanket to give him, sponsored by SSFOA, which had been prayed over for his protection, and divine guidance for his leadership of our Military. He received it and said he would put it on his bed. His smile was priceless.

Both General Petraeus and Holly seemed genuinely honored by your gifts, acknowledgments, and mission.

Family, to say that you are making a statement for our wounded and ill military members is an understatement. Do you realize the great accomplishments being made by this awesome organization? And all because of your dedication and efforts to see the mission to honor wounded and ill and our Veterans across this nation become a reality.

I am proud to serve as your president. God bless you always,
Janie Orman National SSFOA President

Silver Star shining for sacrifice, honoring wounded, ill and dying members of our Armed Forces, and bringing remembrance to those so deserving of our thanks.
We will never forget . . . WELCOME HOME!