Silver Star shining for sacrifice, honoring wounded, ill and dying members of our Armed Forces, and bringing remembrance to those so deserving of our thanks.
We will never forget . . . WELCOME HOME!
The SSFOA has one mission:  To remember, honor and assist the wounded, ill, injured and dying of our Armed Forces from all wars.

In keeping with that mission, the Founders and President of the SSFOA conducts an open election process every year to determine who the winner of our highest award is. 

This award is to be given to an individual or organization that has had an exceptionally positive impact on our wounded and ill by one or more of the following:

1.      Actions that directly impact the care and well being of the wounded and ill;

2.      Actions at a policy level that have improved or provided services to our wounded and ill;

3.      Actions that have increased the benefits provided our wounded and ill;

4.      Actions that have had such a profound impact that they have actually prevented casualties. 

This annual award can be given to military or civilian personnel, departments or organizations who meet the criteria. 

The individual/organizational nominee must receive a substantial number of recommendations or is replaced by another nominee until the required recommendations are achieved. 

It is the intention of the SSFOA that the highest standards are maintained and only the most qualified is nominated.  The Founders and President will review and select nominees for the recommendation process.

The recommendation process will be open to the public in an open forum.  All names of those making recommendations will be public. 

It is our pleasure to inform you that President George W. Bush has been nominated by the SSFOA and approved by an overwhelming majority of voters.  We are pleased to announce him the winner.



Late last year, 2010, the Annual Commendation Award nominees were announced. After the voting was closed and tallied using the survey monkey application, online. The official and hands down nominee, former President G.W. Bush was to be the recipient of the prestigious annual SSFOA Commendation award.

Now the planning and scheduling process could begin. Much time and effort on behalf of the SSFOA organization went in to the planning of the presentation and meeting our President G.W. Bush. After months of coordinating with his office staffers everything was finally firmed up for a date and time to be able to present his Commendation Award plaque and citation, to him personally.

Unfortunately, only one (1) designated SSFOA representative was allowed access of this proximity to our former President. So the handful (about 6 SSFOA Board members, including one valued long standing member) was no longer on the tentative list of attendees for the presentation ceremony and meeting.  Once the SSFOA narrowed down the original list, down to one person, that person selected was me, Diana Creed- Newton- Co-Founder & Treasurer, SSFOA.  In many ways it made the most sense, I was closest in proximity for travel and also able to take the time needed for the short time frame trip for presentation of the Award.

The trip was also sponsored by two dear members that were on the original list of attendees for the ceremony. This lovely gesture also saved the SSFOA money. We are thankful and grateful to report to all our members that this trip did not cost the SSFOA one dime or dollar!! So the confirmed date, time and overnight accommodations were all completed for this long awaited ceremony by the membership and leadership of the SSFOA organization.

On February 23rd, at 9:25 am I was entering the office of President G.W. Bush, after my escort gave a brief introduction of myself to him. A firm handshake ensued and a SSFOA Challenge Coin was placed in his palm of which he acknowledged with gratitude, we proceeded into his office.

We talked of many things, the SSFOA mission and our respective families, as well. The President was also presented with the Old Sergeant Book, signed by Pappy- of course. The membership also had a token for First Lady, Laura. We gave her a SSFOA organization cookbook with a note inside, that we (our membership) knew that the President would also enjoy the cookbook recipes, in the finished product.*smile* I also ‘showed’ him one of the original copies of the Old Sarge book that had traveled to Landstuhl Germany and had been written and signed in by our kids in the hospital there; while they were convalescing for return home or return to their units in combat. He was very touched by this cherished copy of the Old Sarge book, with all of the comments written by the kids in Germany in it. Actually, I told him that literally, one of our SSFOA kids had read and signed the book, before we knew him and his Silver Star Family. I conveyed that he is one of our original service banner recipients and really how small the world can be, when learning this about the book that went to Germany and came back as a treasure.

We also presented the President with a 2x3 Silver Star Service Flag, he was pleased with this gesture and wanted to make sure that a picture was taken of him receiving the service flag, the official symbol of our nation’s combat wounded, ill and injured troops and Veterans. We had to do a quick shuffle to get the point side up before the photo was taken with the service flag. He appreciated the gesture and the flag, mostly what the flag stands for.

We took another photo or two and then it was time for the ceremony of presenting the Commendation award plaque, citation and supporting descriptive documents. The award wording was recited as I stood next to him and then we shook hands and I gave him the plaque, another photo was then taken.
He stated the plaque was very sharp and thanked everyone and of course thanked me for coming in person to present and meet with him.

There were so many nice things about the morning of February 23rd of 2011. The conversation and company was top notch and I doubt that the memories of this special day will ever fade much in my lifetime. Besides the honor of being able to be the person attending that day, so much took place in the course of only about a half hour, small bits reappear and make me smile in recollection of one of the most memorable days of my life. Thank you, Mr. President for your genuine and heartfelt dedication to our country, her troops and Veterans, God and your family. On the 23rd of February 2011, I know that you made me feel a brief part of your family. Someone will have to get that laugh of yours patented, one of these days *smile* we all miss hearing it and I am glad I was able to hear it in person, too.

May God always bless you and yours, Sir.

Respectfully penned,

Diana Creed-Newton, Co-Founder & Treasurer SSFOA
23 Mar11

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