Introducing our new Mini Grant Program!  Does your Veteran Service Organization need $200 to provide services to our combat veterans or active duty?  Then simply answer the questions below and e mail it to us and if we like it we will let you know.  Applications must be submitted NO LATER THAN JULY 31, 2019.  Apply today!
Required Information for Mini Grant application 

1. Name of Organization, your address and your 501 3c number and the name, e-mail address and phone number of contact person in regards to this application.

2. Your organization's mission statement.

3.The "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" the funds will be used. NOTE: Funds must be used to extend SSFOA's mission (wounded/ill/injured combat troops and veterans and their families, jobs for veterans, homeless veterans, veterans in palliative/hospice care, and/or caring for veterans' graves and memorials).

4.Number of combat veterans or active duty that will be helped by the donation of the funds.

5.A promise to provide us with any pictures and to mention The Silver Star Families of America in your organization's newsletter and or other publications.


The Silver Star Families of America has the sole discretion of making the choice of who receives a mini grant and for how much.  The choices are final.  Due to the number of requests if you are not chosen you will not receive a response about your submission.  We think most requests are wonderful but can only provide funds to the best programs who help the most veterans.  All requests must be sent to:  National President-Kathy Landess <>

Note:  Grant funds cannot be used for admin or other costs.

Grant recipients will be required to submit a short "after action" report. Failure to submit this report will mean that any future grant applications submitted by the organization will not be considered.

​Incomplete applications will not be considered.

You will receive an acknowledgement when your application is received.